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The New York Times on Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2016

by Brian X. Chen From the Times: If you love technology, it may be time for a group hug: This year has been rough for consumer technology. From exploding smartphones and hoverboards to the proliferation of fake news on social media, many of our tech hardware, software and web products…

New Reality for US App Companies: the Global Launch?

The new Korean competitor to Snapchat, called Snow, is a bit of a wakeup call for US app developers: Snow’s popularity in Asia underscores a new reality for American app makers. Previously, popularity in the United States often led to corresponding growth overseas. Today, well-established internet firms in Japan, South…

McKinsey (and on Simplifying Marketing Technology

Read and listen below for some good tips on how to simplify marketing technology. I’ll add that the methodology we use for both sales and marketing also helps significantly. The result: greater alignment, higher value leads and deals, and improved revenue results overall.

Are Your Marketing Campaigns Performing?

So many campaigns, so little time.  Marketing automation platforms make it easier than ever to launch multiple campaigns, but are you getting the marketing campaign performance and results you expected?  In my discussions with many CMOs, the answer is simply “no.” So what’s going on? In the rush to make…

Bringing Sexy (Marketing) Back to Marketing Automation

  Marketing automation holds a lot of tantalizing potential; every marketer now knows that. You can expect results that include significant improvements in qualified leads and conversions to sales, as well as better customer retention, and increased ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities from existing customers. Many marketing…

Marketing Change: Are You Keeping Up?

Marketing technology has raised expectations for marketing teams to deliver stronger results. Yet many teams are trying to keep up with the need for more, better content and the management system to capitalize on the analytics and insights – and need for continual response – effect use requires. More than…

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