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Are Your Marketing Campaigns Performing?

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Are Your Marketing Campaigns Performing?

So many campaigns, so little time.  Marketing automation platforms make it easier than ever to launch multiple campaigns, but are you getting the marketing campaign
performance and results you expected?  In my discussions with many CMOs, the answer is simply “no.”

So what’s going on? In the rush to make more contact more times with more members of your target audience, more touches do not necessarily translate into more responses. What to do? It’s worth going back over your persona definitions, customer journey maps, conte164653172nt strategy, and list of content assets.  Do they line up?  Are you carrying through in content what you’ve defined in the customer journey map? And what about sales?  What about the content they’re creating?  A recent study revealed that sales is using more content they create themselves than the content marketing is creating for them, 40% vs. 30%, respectively (Docurated, “State of Sales Enablement”). That’s a lot of wasted content, not to mention time and effort, on both sides.

The potential performance and results uplift from scrubbing your personas, maps and content is significant. Haven’t done this in the first place?  You gotta start somewhere, as the saying goes.

We’ve found that good old workshops help achieve the results you need in a few days, including better alignment with sales.  Want to learn more?  We can help.


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