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Marketing Change: Are You Keeping Up?

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Marketing Change: Are You Keeping Up?

Marketing technology has raised expectations for marketing teams to deliver stronger results. Yet many teams are trying to keep up with the need for more, better content and the management system to capitalize on the analytics and insights – and need for continual response – effect use requires. More than ever, marketing needs to work more closely with sales. Many teams have not yet sorted out the best way to make all of this happen.

No doubt now’s a great time to be a marketer and a salesperson. CRM, sales and marketing automation, predictive analytics, content marketing and other marketing technologies have the potential to make sellers and marketers more effective than ever before.

With all this growing capability comes higher expectations and increased pressure on CMOs and their teams to deliver more highly qualified leads that convert to sales, faster. Marketing automation requires the creation of more content, targeted by persona and by stage of the customer journey, and all of it measured, ongoing.

There’s also more momentum pressing sales and marketing together to agree on those messages, tactics and even the definition of what is a qualified lead. Further, these teams must have a management system in place to jointly evaluate lead generation performance, modify where needed, and take actions to continually target new customers and opportunities, thus improving results.

rsgnyc-logo-new-2-260x851Sound familiar?

Many companies are grappling with all of the above. They may feel they’re not getting the most out of their technology. Marketing teams think sales isn’t acting on the leads they’ve provided. Sales teams believe the leads marketing sends over aren’t good enough, or they’re not new. Sales may also believe that marketing messages and materials aren’t aligned with what they need to address the questions and challenges they face in front of customers.

In Adobe’s survey of marketers, 64% of respondents said they expect their role to change in the next 12 months. And here’s a key point: 40% of marketers indicated they “wanted to reinvent themselves, [yet] only 14% of those marketers actually know how to go about it.”

These issues exist in companies large and small. A possible solution? You may call it the analog complement to technology solutions: marketing and sales diagnostics. That means using the right metrics, investigative questions, and understanding of both functions. To do this you need deep experience to both identify and recommend where improvements can be made.

It helps to have walked in the shoes of a CMO or Chief Sales or Revenue Officer. This is where an objective third party can have great impact.   The everyday demands of the business may not allow the time or perspective to come up with – or even see — a set of solutions. Fact is, there are no quick fixes. It takes focus and expertise. But the upside potential is great.

Create content that inspires action from your customers. Align sales and marketing. Agree on qualified leads. Inspect data and results. Put in place the management system to get the most out of your technology and collaboration. Watch your performance reach higher levels.

Something to think about. Focus on the “how” or find an expert who can help. The time is now.


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