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cropped-469675117.jpgWe’ve been fortunate to be involved in some of the world’s largest global brands, and some successful startups.  Here are just some of the results we’ve delivered:

  • Optimizing Marketing Automation
    • Persona Research and Development for Global Cloud Company:  Refined personas, profiles, dynamics which led to increased effectiveness in marketing and media planning.
    • Customer Journey Mapping for Tech Company:  Improved understanding of buyer behavior led to new content and programs with better results.
    • Marketing Automation Results:  Analysis revealed sub-optimization of platform; prescribed changes improved ecommerce and customer response rates.
  • Business and Marketing Strategy and Planning
    • Marketing Strategy and Planning for B2B and B2C:  Researched, created and executed strategies that drove improvements in qualified leads and closed business year-to-year.
    • Marketing Leadership and Transformation for Global Company:  Restructured a team of over 700 marketers across 14 countries.
    • Marketing Transformation for Media Technology Company, B2B and B2C:  Revamped the leadership team, repositioned the brand, improved channels marketing, geography marketing, and the demand generation, CRM and marketing automation processes to achieve +117% growth in marketing-led opportunity pipeline and revenue (+54%), year-over year.
    • lndustry Strategy and Planning for Technology Company:  Helped build industry solutions that accounted for 30% of company’s multi-billion dollar revenue.
  • Branding and Positioning
    • Strategy, Positioning and Demand Generation for B2C Company:  Repositioned company and created new value for the brand. Helped grow company revenue by 67%.
    • Branding, Positioning and Demand Generation:  Created and launched global executive briefing series that repositioned company as industry thought leader. Generated new qualified opportunities and closed revenue from current and new clients.
  • Demand Generation
    • International Expertise in Demand Generation for Technology Company:  Led the Asia Paciic teams in gains in market share, qualified leads, brand image and perception for consecutive years.
    • Strategy, Sales and Marketing Process, and Demand Generation for B2B Software Startup:  Revitalized global partner program, contributing 30-40% of total bookings after one year (increased 4X).
    • Product Marketing, Strategy and Planning, Demand Generation for Technology Company:  Created first worldwide, integrated marketing campaigns, driving qualified leads up +94% versus previous year.
  • Marketing and Sales Process
    • Software Startup in Financial Services, Planning and Marketing and Sales Process:  Initiated global expansion into China, Singapore, Korea, South East Asia, Latin America and throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa.
    • Marketing and Sales Process and Leadership for International Technology Company:  Recruited a leadership team in each key region to drive significant growth and established a marketing profession.
  • CRM and Marketing Automation
    • CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales and Marketing Process: training, customization, governance and agreements for software startup
    • Marketing Automation Evaluation: Selection of marketing automation platform for technology growth company
    • CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales and Marketing Process: Revamped CRM and marketing automation processes for global technology company, resulting in increases in marketing-contributed revenue and increases in qualified leads
  • Global Perspective
    • Local Insights into Results for Tech Companies: Actionable Market Research customized for all major markets.
    • Targeted and Localized Marketing Plans: Development of successful go-to-market plans in China, Japan, UK and France.
    • New Revenue in New Markets: Generated new revenue through Partnership Programs in Shanghai, London, Tokyo, and Paris.
    • Building for Growth: Restructured 700+ member marketing team across Asia Pacific, recruiting and promoting key talent.


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