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Optimizing Marketing Automation

Great marketing technology offers tremendous upside, if you know how to take full advantage of it.  Whether you are using a marketing automation platform or not, you need to have the right marketing strategy, personas, customer journey maps and content strategy in place.  We can get all of this done for you, fast.


  • Enterprise-level to startup marketing planning
  • Deep know-how for persona and customer journey development
  • Hands-on CMO experience and understanding of what works, and what doesn’t
  • Tested approach to deliver desired outcomes, quickly and affordably


Business and Marketing Strategy and Planning

It all starts here. And it doesn’t need to be a book. We build actionable plans. We’ve produced short, concise strategies and plans that you’ll actually use instead of filing away. We believe it’s essential to spend the time building a plan that becomes the backbone of everything that follows. Your marketing, communications, social and sales will thank you. So will your CEO. So will your customers.


  • Years of experience in B2B and B2C planning and strategy
  • Keen understanding of the important business factors that make outstanding strategies
  • Proven format for readable and usable plans
  • Clear, practical linkage between strategy, implementation and execution
  • Spotlighting important metrics for ongoing improvements


Branding and Positioning

Whether you have an established brand or a new one, there are always ways to connect more deeply with your current or new customers. Even the most successful companies need to keep their brands fresh by understanding their position in an ever-changing marketplace. We have techniques and experience to connect with customers so they feel and appreciate the value you provide, with real impact on your bottom line.


  • Primary and Third Party Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Personas
  • Value Proposition Development
  • Key Messaging
  • Differentiation


Demand Generation

If you’re not contributing qualified leads that convert to sales, what are you doing? So many companies struggle with this because they miss the critical requirements that make demand generation click. We know how to improve your sales pipeline and show marketing’s impact in measurable ways.


  • Campaign planning
  • Targeting
  • Media Evaluation and Planning
  • Copy Testing
  • Social Media
  • Organic Leads
  • Lead nurturing and conversion


CRM and Marketing Automation

So many tools, so little time. Chances are you need some help evaluating either new CRM or marketing automation tools or whether you should switch. The hardest part is aligning not only your current needs, but where you’ll be after a couple of years of solid growth. Choosing the right marketing automation app can be confusing. We know how to match tech capability with strategy, budget, flexibility and growth.


  • Selection consulting
  • KPI and dashboard development
  • Aligning budget and capability without waste
  • Implementation
  • Integrating your CRM with your MA


Sales and Marketing Process

It’s not sales process and it’s not marketing process, it’s both. Too often one team operates without syncing up with the other, in companies large and small. With the right agreements, governance and handoffs in place, you won’t have to hope for the best, the best will happen because you planned for it. Bottom line? Your revenue depends on it.


  • Direct sales, inside sales and partner know-how
  • Hands-on knowledge of sales and marketing requirements, and where they must intersect
  • Direct experience managing varied demand generation efforts
  • Knowledge of necessary linkage points
  • Drive to results


Global Perspective

Our global know-how comes from years of close-to-the customer successes, in Asia Pacific, EMEA and Latin America. Let us be your navigator through the requirements and nuances of international marketing so you can get results faster. We’ve helped companies excel and enhance their effectiveness in the top global markets – or enter them for the first time.


  • Market Research
  • Market Requirements
  • Partnership Go-to-Market Planning
  • Regional or Country level team structuring and recruiting
  • Deep understanding from in-country experience

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